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Colors British Chinchilla

Today, the British breed of cats color silver chinchilla and silver shaded still considered rare. Some cat lovers still believe that is only the blue color of the British.
British silver shaded color inherited from their ancestors - a Persian cat breed. Therefore, owners often say that their pet's angelic nature. This is absolutely true, except that these white-shining establishment does not fly. Otherwise communicate with them - a pleasure. They are contact, gentle and quiet. Taking the Persians kindness and equanimity, silvery chinchillas kept the mind and intelligence, which are so characteristic of British rock.
Chinchilla named today as all the British Female Color Silver Shaded. But this is not entirely correct. In this chinchilla (color ns12) tip wool (1 / 8 part) painted black, and eyes should ideally be a bright emerald color. This is a very rare color, not in every nursery there are manufacturers. Kittens are born with a silver chinchilla or dark striped pattern. He was especially noticeable at the tail. By 4 to 6 weeks of age picture disappears. Kittens color silver chinchilla older than 2 months of age can be so light that appear white. But, as both his parents are not white, silver chinchilla kitten, they can not be white. If a white cat, has a silvery parents, green eyes - a sure sign that before you present British silver chinchilla. Kittens color silver shaded (ns11) standard may be a green, and yellow eyes. The depth and strength of paint over the eyes can vary up to 2-3 - years of age. British silver shaded color is much darker than the usual silver chinchilla, as up to 1 / 3 of each hair can be colored a dark color. They are easily recognizable by intensive paint over the tail, feet and ears. On the hind legs of the hock masked, whereas in normal chinchillas they are white.
Zest all silvery chinchilla - their genetically black. Therefore, almost white cats paw pads black eye "tattoo."
Both the color is spectacular, no cat lover can remain indifferent in the form of radiant beings with enormous sapphire and emerald eyes.

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