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The nature of chinchilla silver

British shorthair silver color inherited the affectionate nature of one of his ancestors, the Persian cat. They are intelligent, sociable and not vengeful. Kittens color silver chinchilla - gentle, even-tempered and calm, but not lethargic. British silver color always with the owner, participate in its affairs, but not intrusive.
Silver chinchilla help relieve stress and calm down, climbed on hand and humming his "mur-r". Always try to stay closer to their beloved master, pull their hair plush and warm gentle warmth. Their attitude is quite comparable to a dog's devotion to the owner, and it persists into adulthood, too.
British shorthair silver shaded - a breed of cats, which are the hallmark of intelligence and tact. Cats and kittens silver color so nobly responded to the defrosting of the presence of fish that they can be safely left unattended in the kitchen.
Another plus of this breed - British silver studs do not mark territory, this quality is fixed genetically. Many years of breeding work out the optimal hormonal state, which is also beneficial to the character and mood of the animal. Cats silver color also behave politely, do not bother marriage cries of its owner. If you settle family silver in full, you will see how good are the fathers of the British silver color. They help his wife care for kids, entertain them and lick.
Silver chinchillas adore children and find mutual understanding with other pets, even with the guinea pigs and dogs. Since the British silver color have good character and completely deprived of vengeance, they do not scratch no children or adults. If a cat into his arms, and she can not sit there, it will be no scratches, no bite, just turn on the power of their small, but powerful muscles, and turn from his embrace. Nails are not released even during the game. Therefore, the tiny silver kittens chinchilla, and adult Britons silver color - perfect companion for children to play.

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