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All of the exhibitions.

If you place your pet, it is better to consider the following. Entry to the exhibition is conducted in advance. You can go to the exhibition of any club, not necessarily his. His will send you an invitation, or call. Information about the exhibitions published in various journals and posted on the Internet, and at the exhibition you put the leaves with an invitation to visit also other exhibitions. You will need to come to the club with the pedigree of the animal put up with it will write off data. Pay the desired number of assessments - usually the price ranges from 200 to 900 rubles, will receive a receipt for payment, pass to the exhibition room party.
One you hang on the cage, and its duplicate, attach themselves to clothing. You should ask if you need a cage, or you come with her. I strongly recommend the latter option, especially if you intend to engage in exhibitions. Cell, especially good, certainly worth the money, but without the attachments did not come out. Especially if you place a cat, everything should be very civilized, the cat should look, the cage should be good. This does not mean that you will get bad, but do not take chances, and most importantly, in terms of sanitation, so safer. FULLY cell disinfect virtually impossible, so buy yourself your own.
Cat Show - a general demonstration beauty of animals, so its preparation should begin much in advance. The animal must be normal well fed, with clean, shiny hair, normal mucous, clear eyes. It sometimes happens that there are small outflow from the eye, and so get rid of this in advance. Coat requires special care, this way, indicator of the health of the animal. Improve wool helps add to the food of the food sulfur (on the tip of a knife), fodder yeast, vitamin A in liquid form (2 drops no more or else will be poisoning), fish oil. All of this is purchased in a pet shop. Moreover, now there are lots of care - shampoos, conditioners, and other things. Use them before the show should be, but do not expect magic - if not followed the animals, if the diet was distorted, no shampoo will not help.
Caring for hair grooming is that none of you are no longer afraid of the word. Before the exhibition of an animal is better to wash, you can use a special powder to give the volume and the effect of grooming.
More about this under the heading "Personal grooming-grooming."
I advise you to listen to my words, prepare the animal to the exhibition as it should. The principle of "What is certain is" not the best in this situation.
In the cage you will need to put a pad kisas and hang on the cage of the same material as the curtains.
Think about how color will be advantageous to look color of your pet? Floating cushion can be any of you because it fails / etc a piece of the same material as the curtains. Without all of this animal will not look 'lost "in a cage! If you already have decorations outlet, put them inside the cell. Let everyone see what you have a wonderful animal. No sockets? Will!
No sooner than three days prior to the exhibition to get help in vet.klinike that your pet healthy. Naturally, the availability of vaccines was not even discussed. Information is valid for three days, so if you go on a two-day exhibition, consider carefully, when you need to get a certificate that, there was no trouble with vet.kontrolem.
Exhibition - usually an event for the whole day. Better to go alone - you also need to move away! At least to the judges' table. It sometimes happens that there is no buffet. Provide it. Those breeders who want to demonstrate their cats to all visitors and exhibitors to gain matings, or sell the kittens, come early and occupy the most electable place. No place you do not stay, do not worry. But usually, after all there are more nuanced.

So with you:

  • Cell
  • Curtains and a piece of material to her
  • Mattress for STAR
  • Tray with filler
  • 2 bowls and water for the Kitties
  • Going to "mean. The best dry food or canned food, even if you do not feed it. Usually animals do not eat with fright, but should have. Do not don the containers with the dishes, the exhibition heat, food can go bad and do not load themselves superfluous items. Take 2 bags of canned food and sufficient.
  • Vet. passport and a certificate from the hospital
  • Skip to the exhibition, kvitok payment and the number of members pre-prepared business cards with your coordinates, pen, notebook, album with pictures of the animal, or already available from his progeny
  • Something for yourself - dry rations, so to speak, water and necessary medications. From headaches and soothing especially before you pass to the exhibition, will examine animal veterinarian. With a need to have a vet. passport with a mark of vaccination and a certificate from the hospital. The doctor checks the absence of fleas, look in the mouth, look on the eyes.
When you come to the exhibition, if you do not pay an entry in the catalog, then you will be given a free copy. Written to the directory, but it must pay in advance so that printing time to print, I recommend very. Especially at large exhibitions. For example, when we participated with my older cat in the cup "Hills" was more than 800 animals! Therefore, people who came to search for binding of a cat, or buy a kitten, were in the hands of some guide to the exhibition in the catalog is distributed by species, color and sex of animals and nearly every participant is his number. Therefore, people already knew to some rooms are suitable, and not just wandering through the endless rows. Large catalog of the exhibition give out free, visitors are sold. The catalog can be pre-buy a place for their individual large-scale advertising. Product generally very useful thing, because it close to the nickname of the animal-owner's name and phone number. I myself use a directory, even three years ago when looking for a cat mating cats of his club. Or help to find a kitten desired breed. So the catalog is better to have everything, but breeders are in it to be. Work required!
So, you came. If the cage you provide the organizers, do not be lazy again carefully wipe it dez.rastvorom. Every twig. All animals are vaccinated, but, but, but .. You can wipe with alcohol (but not vodka), you can do at home aqueous solution "Domestosa. That's it, because it contains a bunch of decontamination facilities. It is most effective. Sometimes used formalin, if you have access to it.
Cage entrance, turn to him, although if the cell is pre-cooked, then the stewards have already set everything right. Hang curtains, mattress lay a cloth. Put the tray. Better to have especially for the exhibition is small, both for the kittens - the cell is not so great. Water is better not to put in a cage - necessarily over. Keep his part on the table, and simply offer the animal periodically. Animal is better to feed at home, but in the middle of the day offer him something to eat. Most likely, will refuse, but you never know.
Prepare immediately their business cards and be prepared to talk to other breeders and visitors. When you fit in better stand up. And you'll sit at the cage, and people will stand in front of you. Now wait for the call to the judge.
Prepare in advance that the exhibition you will leave only at its completion - this procedure. Imagine how the show would look if its members began to assemble as soon as returned from the judges table. Diploma assessment of the animal and the evaluation sheet with descriptions and comments you get at the end of the exhibition after processing by the secretariat and debriefing.
Typically, large exhibitions of work a few rings. You can display the animal in only one or two, or several at once. Naturally, each assessment is paid separately.

Most popular - ring WCF. This is practically the biggest largest international organization of cat lovers, uniting many countries. President of the Division Russia - Natalia Voronenko.
There is a European ring-FIFE and several others. The most popular American CFA America, there are no clubs, and there are nurseries that are registered directly in the organization. We are united in the same kennel clubs and are their structural unit, along with individual breeders. American rings are judged a little differently, this will be discussed below. On the assessment to the judges' table gives the owner of the animal without pedigree! Pedigrees are not considered, not accounted for and no talk about the ancestors of the animal is not maintained.
The animal is assessed only in itself, objectively, without regard to its origin. You can ask the judge about his comments on your animal, if you are interested and want. The very same judge will say nothing of considerations of ethics, if you do not see him. Assistant he would dictate the brief remarks in a low voice.
The exhibition animals at first divided according to species. This is understandable. Then up to a point on the age category.

Litter Class.
  • Litter. Exhibited a cat with her litter of not less than 3 kittens under the age of 3 months. Assess the consistency of the breed standard, a description is made on all one. Posterity must be uniform, there is the best in the litter. A judge may write, to which class to treat each kitten shows class - animal exhibition; breed class animal can not claim a title, but is eligible for tribal use, nein class - not allowed for breeding work, but the pets.
  • Kittens younger age 3-6 months. Fully evaluated the exterior of animals according to age. The emphasis is on harmony and proportion. Judge assesses affiliation color.

Junior-Junior class.

  • Kittens 6-10 months. There is division by sex.
  • Set the exact color, the cats in 7 months should be left testes, but if it did not happen until 10 months of this does not disqualify. Disqualification of a hernia or a hall of the tail.
  • For this class of animals is not attributable to and including the title, but will score - excellent, very good, good. If several animals rated "excellent", the judge will distribute seats in descending order of "excellent 1", "excellent 2", etc. Can be assigned to score "Best Litter Exhibition", "Best Junior", but it usually happens at the end of the exhibition, at the Best-Shaw. Judge will nominate (all as a service of an Oscar) for Best. Judges of the several, each nominating their choice. And then select from among the nominees the best, but more on that later.


CAC-open class.

Since 11 months, there is no upper limit. This is very serious. Here, animals are competing for the right to possess the title of champion of the breed (CH). How it looks technically? Judging is on the breed, color and sex. That is, if you came to the exhibition with a blue Briton for the first time, he will compete with only represented at this exhibition by British blue cats competing for the title. There may be 20, with the total number of animals of different breeds in the 1000 head. And maybe 5. Or maybe you're the only owner. Evaluation will be all, the title of the judge will give only one animal.
Accordingly, a white Persian cat that will compete only with the white Persian cats, competing for the title of this exhibition. And so for all species - the distribution of class, color, sex.
You need to collect 3 estimates from 3 different judges, so that your pet has received the certificate of the Champion.
Time is not unlimited. Summer Exhibition is not enough, other times in major cities, they are held every weekend - big and small, one or more clubs. If you have a good exhibition animal - you can become the owner of the Champion of the breed of the week. But the higher the title, the greater the demands on the animal, take this and do not relax. Of the three evaluations, one must be obtained in another city, or from nonresident judges. When you have on hand will be three diploma with CAC, you surrender their copies to the club and receive an official certificate of the Champion Breed. The next class CACIB-Interchampions (ICH). There have already received a certificate of the Champion of the previous exhibitions breed animals compete for the title of International Champion. All the same - three estimates from different judges. But if you received an assessment from the judge in open class (CAC), and now is exhibited in CACIB, it is irrelevant.
This class is already set points, which are assigned to animals:

  • Satisfactory 46-59 points
  • A well-60-75
  • Very good 76-87
  • Excellent 88-100
The title given animals received 3 Diploma ICH (with 95 points) from 3 experts of the international category at 3 international trade fairs in 2 countries (or regions of Russia) all same - all are judged separately, a copy of the club certificate to you in my arms.
Class CAGCIB-title Grand International Champion-3 Diploma (on 97 points, no less) of 3 experts of the international category at the 3 international exhibitions in 2 countries.
Title of European Champion (UST) earned in the class Sase. Need to get 3 Diploma (97 points) from 3 experts of the international category at the 3 international exhibitions in 3 countries.
The title Grand International Champion (EGCH)-class CAGCE. 3 diplomas (98 points) from 3 experts of the international category at the 3 international exhibitions in 3 countries.
The highest SASM - class-3 certificate from 3 experts of the international category at the 3 international exhibitions in 3 countries on 2 continents. World title-WCH.
Additional classes, which are judged separately - this is Premier class, the class of veterans and the class of domestic cats.
Small tips - Europe and Asia in this case are different continents, within Eurasia.
Chelyabinsk, as I understand it, is geographically belongs to Asia, as part of Russia.
If you do face the problem of traveling to other cities and countries that follow the international exhibitions, which will be judged foreign judges. Sign up to evaluate them. This will be credited as a departure to another country! Just do not forget that in all categories the judges should be different.
To participate in the "Best" in the title of "Best in Show" allowed the animals who received no less than 95 points in a single assessment and without examination permitted Champions of the World. All animals should have nominated an expert to participate. They are cause for handsfree. Judges choose the best general solution to the animal exhibition. Best carried out in different ways. Normally, select the best litter the exhibition, the best kitten and on all classes more, the best cat, best cat. May be established by the different prizes. Best-wrap is a celebration of the exhibition. But the best of the best would be one.
Immediately place award, because during the exhibition, usually held various contests - for the longest tail, at the very fluffy ear, it all depends on the organizers of the exhibition. Participation in contests - on request.
In conclusion I want to say that no matter what the animal would have taken place, it is most remarkable in the world for its owners! And the exhibition is a review of your own products, so to speak. By themselves, the champions did not grow up. This is the embodiment of your love and your care for a pet that is the embodiment of everyday care for him. Do not be discouraged from possible failure and even more so not to disrupt its negative into a pet. He'll certainly to do with it! Do not get the title of one show - get to the other. The exhibition is a competition for the soul, the beauty and joy! Come to the Show! You enjoy!
 Material is taken from the pages of Olga Sinitsa "Welcome to Lune Valley"       

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