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Your choice

You have decided to have a kitten?

Well, the solution is good and this article will help you make the right choice. So decision is made, you and your household expect the appearance of a four-legged friend in your home. What steps should be made for this. Let's start from the beginning.

"Man, you are forever responsible for those who are tamed," - these words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Let these words will be crucial for you. Buying a cat along with the joy you get and the relevant issues. Females lived if well cared for 15-20 years. Sick like people, require material expenditures.

Before buying a cat of her child, just think if you are ready to take care of the animals. Since rely in this matter entirely within the child can not.

The first step is to determine for what you are looking for a cat. Maybe you want to pet that will bring comfort of your home or you are going to walk with a cat on the exhibition and earn rewards, or perhaps you are going to engage in tribal work.

Chosen? Well, Well, then proceed to the second step.

Order that would create a normal kitten rather search for shelters, friends, animal protection societies .. You can find out from neighbors, friends - whether they have kittens. Buying kittens from the so-called korobochnikov or bird market pose a risk to get sick animal. There is a superstition that when you take a kitten or any other animal, for it must "pay", at least symbolically.

When choosing a kitten pay attention to his mobility, igruchest, affection. Especially important affection, if you get a kitten in the house where a child

Conduct a visual inspection of a kitten
    1. Examine the ears, eyes and nose of a kitten. They must be clean, without emissions.
    2. anus should be clean, without traces of feces, and not glued on diarrhea.
    3. kitten should be moderately mobile, if you can compare it with the other kittens.

      It is also recommended to pay attention to whether the kitten is ready at hand. Not afraid of a loud sound. It is groomed by his mother, if you have the opportunity to see it.

      If you gave produced inspection, you can buy a kitten, but after buying it is desirable to show it to the vet.

      If you do not know a cat or the cat you choose, then there are no big differences. If the kitten is purchased for the soul, it is desirable to sterilize an animal regardless of sex. If the flame work, then there is sex selection acute. Perhaps more specifically, you will have to decide when choosing a kitten from a breeder or club.

      Select a pedigree kitten is more complex. Relying on the literature you have read or seen in photos online pedigreed cats can not. You should contact the club and get there advice from experienced felinologists, breeders and other experts on rocks.

      Each breed has its own peculiarities. Pedigree cats are not a cheap pleasure, the variation in prices depending on how the ideal breed standard. If you do not intend to engage in breeding work, a small flaw, notable only by a professional real drop the price of a kitten. But if your goal is tribal and expo work, you will need a mandatory consultation of the head of the club. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous breeders who might mislead you and sell you a kitten Speaker I do not work for breeding and shows.

      When buying a pedigree kitten owner also needs to know what documents he needs to send a kitten breeder. And, although the rules of registration and issuance of kittens pedigree documents in different clubs vary, the general principles remain unchanged.

      All the "pedigree kittens" should have a document of origin. This document is issued on each kitten from the litter at the time aktirovki (ie inspection of manure at the club). This may be a "certificate of origin", "tribal card", "permission for a pedigree, etc. The form of such a document is determined by the club itself, but the mandatory attributes are:
      • Name of the organization (club), which issued the document;
      • Number and date of issue;
      • Alias animal, its sex, breed, color, date of birth;
      • Name and address of the breeder (owner of a cat);
      • Signature of the head of the club or sections, and print.
      Also may be listed detailed information about the parents and other information.
      When buying a kitten breeder is obliged to give you the original of such a card (photocopy of valid documents).

      However, owners should be aware that such a certificate within a certain period to be replaced in the pedigree. That pedigree is an official document of the origin of the animal.

      In the pedigree, which is printed on the letterhead of the club, stated nickname, sex, breed, color of the animal, in a stud book number (number of pedigree). Provides detailed information about the ancestors of the animal. In our country the most common 4-x knees pedigrees, ie those which are listed in 4 rows of ancestors of a kitten. Pedigree is certified by the signature of the chairman of the club and seal.
      In the document of origin, you can seek help from the breeder about the health of a kitten and a certificate of vaccination against infectious diseases. However, we have very few breeders have vaccinated the kittens are sold, while in western Europe it has become the norm. With regard to information about health, then the majority of breeders, it is, especially if you choose a kitten at the exhibition, as veterinarian without such help, simply will not allow a cat to participate.
      If you buy a kitten with a claim on the show career and breeding work for big money it makes sense to conclude a written contract with the owner. In this contract you should mutually define a measure of responsibility breeder (seller) and the owner (buyer). The owner is responsible for the timely and full payment for the kitten, as well as for the continued maintenance of the animal: food, necessary living space, veterinary care, etc. Also can be specified further conditions: a ban on the sale / transfer of a kitten to others, the obligation to be a member of a certain club and others. Breeder in turn ensures the health of a kitten at the time of transfer to the new owner, the absence of congenital (genetic) defects, compliance kitten featured breed. Specific points of agreement - the result of balancing the interests of the breeder and the owner of a kitten.

      Thus, when buying a pedigree kitten, you can claim: a document of origin (certificate), certificate of health, the purchase agreement.
      Do not forget to find out: in what conditions the kitten grew up, what are his eating habits - all this will help shift the baby as easy as possible at home. Take the address and phone number at the breeder, because You will definitely need further advice on feeding and care, and most breeders will be able to assist you. And in the future do not forget how much responsibility you have assumed, deciding to start in the house, another living creature.

      Of course, the selection and purchase of a kitten taken away from you a lot of time and effort, but the first few minutes of communication with your new friend is more than compensate for all this. Therefore, should listen to that advice and not buy under the influence of momentary whim of "a pig in a poke."

      And most importantly, buying a kitten, always remember that you are held responsible for it, and that a momentary whim can turn into big trouble for him if he took it you decide to throw it away.

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