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Raising Kittens

This page will be of i

nterest to all - and those who are only going to get a kitten, and those who already have a miracle on velvet paws

You have already made in your home is a small lump, or next to you is peaceful snuffle favorite, even in a dream involving his murchalku?
How to make the contents of cats had no problems?
A few tips for the content of your pet:
Must buy:

    1. Bowls for food and water 2-3 pieces
    2. Tray Toilet
    3. Filler, such as "Barsik" or "Pipi Katc"
    4. Scratching posts. Better not to buy carpet made from, and buy a rope, preferably with impregnation. If this fails, then the scratching post without soaking you can spread butter tincture of valerian.
    5. Mattress, or a house for a cat, where will its place.
    6. Toys. Very much like kittens balls with a rattle inside. Or if you have to drive on than ...
    7. Carrying. You will need to visit to the vet for a vaccination, a cat for a marriage trip to the cat, for a trip to the country.
      When you bring a kitten into a new house, he may not immediately remember where his toilet. Help baby. First, use a filler, later you can train a cat to walk at all in the empty tray. Do not rush so far. Several times a day Take the kitten in the tray, take it's foot, make a digging motion. Do not hurry to throw away the used filler - solid waste can be removed immediately, and kotenochnye puddles for you almost will not have the smell in the filler. A kitten will remember. Better to buy a small tray, for kittens, then change it back to an adult.
      It is convenient to use the toilet-house.
      Then you are safe from spreading
      filler, when pet will be carefully dig a hole to hide the consequences of his toilet.

      Feed You can:

      1.Postnym meat. Raw, if you are confident in its security. You can scald with boiling water, or simply bring to a boil, and let cool. Delete the pork completely - the risk of contracting deadly diseases for cats. When feeding fresh foods, the meat must be 2 / 3 of the diet. In addition, a deadly cat fresh meat!
      Meat should only be pre-frozen. Otherwise, you risk losing your pet forever. The first sign of protein poisoning, seizures. Urgent stab at the same time:
      1.Magniya sulfate-0, 5 ml / m
      2.Sulfakameron -0.4 ml / m
      3.Dimedrol -0,4 V / m
      4.Prednizalon-0, 3 V / m
      We emphasize that even these drugs (which are sold in a pharmacy and vet. Clinic) does not guarantee the healing of your pet, if the poisoning occurred. So do not experiment.
      2.Porridge, cooked rice mixed with buckwheat with meat, or simply on the broth.
      3.Pechen chicken, beef - not more than 1 time per week. Otherwise it may be deformed skeleton.
      4.Kuritsa, turkey - but without the bones. The bones do not give at all - can be perforation of the stomach and intestines. It should be noted that our animals with great pleasure that disproportionately consume chicken breast fillet series "Chicken Kingdom. Certainly, the quality of products is different. This product seems to us the highest quality. More convenient provernut fillets through a meat grinder. Pieces zavetrivayutsya, kittens sometimes swallow them whole. It is clear that they are not assimilated. We even adult cats, feed them so filling.
      5.Zheludki, heart, kidneys, lungs (beef and chicken), udder - better to give a boiled - or perhaps indigestion.
      6.Boiled vegetables. Just do not give a lot of potatoes. Maybe you will come in handy this kind of feeding: meat (eg turkey) cook in the broth can be obtained to pour a package (or part thereof) of frozen vegetables. Then all together - the meat and vegetables to scroll through a meat grinder. Thus food for cats can do a couple of days. Buying for a cat mixtures of vegetables, avoid the presence in them of beans, peas and corn. Keep in mind that the chair, the cat would not be hard, so you should not be scared, but watch anyway. Vegetables are not digested in the body completely, so-called ballast substances. But the body will pull them all useful.
      Or in the resulting broth to pour a little soy minced (about 1 / 3 of meat), boil, give a little to stand and mix with scrolled through a meat grinder turkey.
      Very convenient to use the turkey leg - to cook until the meat will easily keep up with the bones. Broth get very rich, so will be a dinner for you and for your kisuni. Along with turkey can boil fresh carrots and some potatoes, vegetables, scroll with the meat, pour the same stock - and the kitty will be awfully pleased to hear the dinner.
      7.Eggs - 1 egg yolk a week only. Boiled egg is not assimilated.
      8.Quark. Cats love to be softened a bit and you can add a little sour cream. This is if you buy a regular Loose curd. But it is better digested a series of children's food "Agusha. It is very important for delicate ventricle kittens. For adults can already be transferred to the House in the village "better than 0% fat. In addition, you can buy diet soft cheese in the "sausage", although some cats like him the least.
      9. In the series "Aguši" is and kefir. Cats drink it with pleasure, and it is extremely useful.
      We want to separately notify that all dairy products is introduced into the diet of a kitten slowly, there are cases of upset stomach at first.
      It is better if the first time you feed the pet basically cooked meat, gradually introducing into his diet those foods that you plan to feed him in the future. Abrupt transition to another feeding often causes an upset stomach.
      11.Dry food. Dry "Whiskas", "Friskas", "Kitiket not give at all never in my life - get a sick animal. But canned "Whiskas" can give.
      Because dry food - "Royal Canin" - K-34. This is for kittens. They can also feed in the future. In addition - "Hills" and "Yam".
      Any chosen pre-soak the dry food with water, but better bulonchikom or low-fat yogurt. Wait until the food will absorb moisture, swell and offer the cat. This is especially important when feeding kittens. Ventricle and the intestines they are very gentle, dry food can cause microcracks. Then in the feces of a kitten or adult cat may appear droplets of blood.
      Canned these same firms. But'd better not do that - then the cat refuse other foods. In addition, canned a lot of water and few nutrients assimilable substances. From a financial point of view advantageous to feed the meat. Kittens canned - respectively, for children.
      Pay special attention that sometimes canned "Whiskas" cause disorder.
      When feeding dry food make sure that the water was always fresh. It is desirable that water for cats advocated day in a separate container - for example, in the bank. This will give you completely evaporate chlorine from water.
      And in general, access to water should always be!
      12.Grass - you can buy from a pet store, you can grow yourself. Grass that is sold - nothing like germinated oats or wheat. There is growing very quickly - a week later may be offered to the cat.
      Make it free access to the grass - she would eat it straight "with the beds." If you bought in the store - you can pull the grass out of a bag and put in a spare cat's bowl with water - the grass will remain fresh for a long time.
      13. If your kisunya stubbornly refuses to try something from the bowl - to invite her to eat from your hand. Especially if it is a kitten. Usually the problem is resolved immediately.
      14. If you have small children, or even you prefer - you can feed and meat baby food in jars.
      Feed up to 4 months-5 or 6 times, after 5 months, 3 times.
      You can leave it as is possible after 7-8 months to bring up to 2 times per day. You can (and often it is much more convenient) to kisune constant access to food - cats rarely overeat, but if it is clearly happening, then feed on the clock. But in principle, unlike dogs, cats stomach is not suited to absorb large amounts of food at once, as in nature, they are focused on small rodents and small birds, and not directly on the carcass of a deer, like wolves. Dogs that are in the ancestors of the wolf, try to eat right away and much, because they do not know when the next one they catch large prey.

      When feeding meat in the morning and evening, if you go to work, you can leave dry food animal "Hills" or "Royal Canin" - these foods are combined with meat. In general it is desirable not to mix with natural feeding and canned food.

      Do not give in general:

      1. Pork.
      2. Milk
      3. Oil and any fat. Milk, butter, fat causes diarrhea.


      If the disorder still happened then:
        1. You can give a "smectic" .1 / 2 bags dissolve in 1 / 4 cup of boiled water and fed to a syringe without a needle approximately 1 mL every 2-3 hours. The effect will be even greater if the "smectic" You add the floured to a fine powder (this can be done in a coffee grinder) ftalazol (in human pharmacy for three rubles). Norma - on the tip of a knife. The drug is absolutely non-toxic, overdose can not be afraid.
        2. Baktisubtil (in human pharmacy) -1 ampule open, dissolved in a minimum amount of water and give 3-4 times (on the ampule at a time) per day as from a syringe without a needle.
        3. 1 / 4 tablet ftalazol (human pharmacy) to separate a small amount of water to provide a disposable syringe
        4. Kitten(2 mo.) -1 / 4 pill "Mizim Forte. Sold in a human pharmacy, costs about 30 rubles to 20 tablets.
        5. After the diarrhea, give medicines and deworming, and just as a prophylactic measure, very well give "bifidum Bakterin" to establish a good bowel flora. Sold in human pharmacy, is 30R. In pack of 10 vials of dried bacteria. The instruction is written as divorce. There veterinary form. It is the same, only Recalculate doses. Giving to 1-2 doses a cat, depending on its size and age, twice a day for half an hour before meals for 7-10 days.
        6. In the case of colds - cat sneezes or coughs - a human pharmacy to buy "Interferon" (worth about 40 p. 10 vials), one open, diluted with 2 ml of water (on the ampoule is a mark). Ful small kitten from a pipette for 2-3 times this dose, adult cat can give an entire vial. Give 2-3 times a day. It usually helps immediately, but persistent cold symptoms - so do the 5-7 days.
        7. In addition, for any infections, colds, or the risk that a cat can get sick (good to do before the show valuation or sale) - Fosprinil. Norma on kittens - in the mouth 0.4 ml, if a shot - 0,2 ml. You can also bury the nose and eyes - from the risk of contracting infectious rhinitis, or conjunctivitis.
        8. "Evinton" - a homeopathic remedy, sold in "Markvete" in gomeapaticheskih aptekah.Eto injection is 100ð. Used and in complex cases, and in the case of the common cold. Syringes better to buy at VDNH imports, with a short thin needle, which is dimmed on the syringe carvings and rubber insert on the piston. You can also use insulin needles, but the volume of 1 ml and have a gradation of insulin units. Do not forget to recalculate! 0.1 ml-4 insulin units. Do not use these syringes, when the tunic thickish drugs - need a broader point. For example, "Kvadriket" better to poke thus imported syringe.
        9. If ailments and colds - Immune (vet. pharmacies) - immunofan and RIBOTAN. Dose is 20p.
          Vitamins: "Brevers", "Dzhimpet", "Biofar, dry brewer's yeast tablets. Blue Animals should not be given vitamins with marine algae - appear yellowish tint coat. Fold not give "Dzhimpet with calcium - can stand up ears. Brewer's yeast cats are very fond of gray, and it is very good for wool. Growing, pregnant, lactating animals - well give the drug company Brevers "-" Calcidee "(Kaltsidi).
          If suddenly emerged fleas from other animals (especially dogs), living in the house, or after giving: the drop on withers "Advontazh. It is possible, but worse - "Biofar" or "Leopard". They are cheaper but more toxic to animals.

          Wipe the eye can brew tea, or "Myramistin" - sold in a human pharmacy. It is in the vicinity of 75 r. If the eyes are leaking already very strongly - a drop of "Sofradeks" - as in the human pharmacy. There substitute "Dekson. It is in the 35 p. 1-2 drops into each eye 2 times a day for 2-3 dney.Otkrytye droplets stored in the refrigerator no more than 1 month.
          In addition, in a pet shop you can buy eye drops for "Iris" - eye shape gentamicin. In addition, Anandin, but it helps to worse. Be careful - it is and Ear!
          A good result gives old as the world is not very strong (same eye) solution of potassium permanganate. Observe the cat. The eyes may leak from a kitten because he is somewhere still find dust in your apartment. This may be an indication that there are internal parasites. And perhaps because the animal has a cold.
          Never use albutsid! Cat oslepnet. And in general, all human drugs used with great caution - do not know - better not let us! For example, the use of no-shpy, analgin and aspirin may have more than the sad consequences.
          If you do not want a divorce until the kittens, and kitten worried his love calls, then the VDNH (VVC) to buy vet. drug "Depo-Promone" ( "Depo-promon"). This injection is introduced at the withers, and half a cat will not disturb hormones. The drug is expensive - costs about 500 rubles., It 5 doses of 1 ml. "Kontraseks not ever give - the cat can get oncology! Knitting can be a cat on the second heat, preferably not before 1 year. But if you decide to tie a cat, try not to pull this on her eighteen months of age - can get a steadfast virgin, which until the end of life not let the cat. Cat can knit 2 times a year.
          After 6 months need a vaccination "Kvadriket. Inoculation is done once a year, contains protection against three of the most serious feline diseases and rabies. Graft "Triket" rabies does not. Before that - to give 2 times "Drontal". Weigh the animal and give weight. One tablet - to 4 kg. Giving an empty stomach in the morning and 3 hours not feed. After 10 days, to give again.
          Instead of "Drontal" could be "Polyverkan. This sugar cubes. In the adult cat is given by 1 / 2 cube. You'll probably breed in very small quantities of water, and drench the evening - not so good is dissolved. Drontal is about 35 p. tablet, Polyverkan-20 pp. cube. After Polyverkan the cat is likely to be a small disturbance is a product contains a laxative, to immediately withdraw all of the body.
          In addition, now appeared a very good product Kanikvantel. Closely with the dosage - one tablet per 10 kg!
          Anthelmintic should be given to the cat 3-4 times a year.

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