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Kittens silver chinchilla. A bit of history

British silver shaded - A breed that international feline organizations have recognized about 20 years ago. Today, these cats just admire the visitors to the exhibitions. However, despite the relatively long period of recognition, this color variation of Britons are still not become widely disseminated.
Founders of the breed are aboriginal shorthair cat Britain. To them has been characterized tippirovanny color. But in 30-50 years of the last century, these cats are actively crossed with Persians. Perhaps the first kittens color silver chinchilla appeared during this period.
The work to enact breed color silver chinchilla was carried out purposefully. The formation of the tribal groups of chinchillas began in the 70 years. Over a decade has been created a modern type of rock british silver shaded, which is then recorded with various feline organizations from 1980 to 1984.
Working on a new color, felinologist found that kittens are born silver shaded color very often, so the number of cats a new color variation increased slowly. The result of crossbreeding Persian Chinchillas with the smoky British individuals and classical monochromatic color often became little kittens silver color, and silver tabby, with a noticeable Tipping and with blurry picture. However, such cross-breeding has created a problem - the offspring were of poor quality of eye color. Turquoise-green eyes, characteristic Chinchillas, in the offspring turned into a thin greenish-yellow color, no reminding "copper" color of the eyes of these British. So on for the crossing with Persian Chinchilla selected green-eyed British silver tabby. Color offspring from such mating, too, was not always perfect, so breeders have to practice inbreeding or cross each other descendants of the first generation of silvery chinchillas, occasionally "tide" Persian blood.

Chinchilla silver kittens


Colors British Chinchilla

Today, the British breed of cats color silver chinchilla and silver shaded still considered rare. Some cat lovers still believe that is only the blue color of the British.
British silver shaded color inherited from their ancestors - a Persian cat breed. Therefore, owners often say that their pet's angelic nature. This is absolutely true, except that these white-shining establishment does not fly. Otherwise communicate with them - a pleasure. They are contact, gentle and quiet. Taking the Persians kindness and equanimity, silvery chinchillas kept the mind and intelligence, which are so characteristic of British rock.
Chinchilla named today as all the British Female Color Silver Shaded. But this is not entirely correct. In this chinchilla (color ns12) tip wool (1 / 8 part) painted black, and eyes should ideally be a bright emerald color. This is a very rare color, not in every nursery there are manufacturers. Kittens are born with a silver chinchilla or dark striped pattern. He was especially noticeable at the tail. By 4 to 6 weeks of age picture disappears. Kittens color silver chinchilla older than 2 months of age can be so light that appear white. But, as both his parents are not white, silver chinchilla kitten, they can not be white. If a white cat, has a silvery parents, green eyes - a sure sign that before you present British silver chinchilla.

Chinchilla silver kittens


The nature of chinchilla silver

British shorthair silver color inherited the affectionate nature of one of his ancestors, the Persian cat. They are intelligent, sociable and not vengeful. Kittens color silver chinchilla - gentle, even-tempered and calm, but not lethargic. British silver color always with the owner, participate in its affairs, but not intrusive.
Silver chinchilla help relieve stress and calm down, climbed on hand and humming his "mur-r". Always try to stay closer to their beloved master, pull their hair plush and warm gentle warmth. Their attitude is quite comparable to a dog's devotion to the owner, and it persists into adulthood, too.
British shorthair silver shaded - a breed of cats, which are the hallmark of intelligence and tact. Cats and kittens silver color so nobly responded to the defrosting of the presence of fish that they can be safely left unattended in the kitchen.
Another plus of this breed - British silver studs do not mark territory, this quality is fixed genetically. Many years of breeding work out the optimal hormonal state, which is also beneficial to the character and mood of the animal. Cats silver color also behave politely, do not bother marriage cries of its owner.

Chinchilla silver kittens


Caring for silver chinchilla

Hardly kittens color silver chinchilla open their beautiful eyes and begin to explore the world with curiosity, as soon becomes clear: each of them - a person with a bright character. But they are all sociable, friendly and accommodating. Even tiny kittens silver chinchilla with carrying out the necessary but unpleasant procedures (degelmentizatsiya, vaccination) are protesting, but never scratched. British silver color can not hurt the owner.
British Chinchillas do not require daily care, but to maintain such a perfect angel type, periodically require simple hygiene procedures. Combing hair once a week is enough. Cats and kittens color silver shaded quite favorably perceive trimming (removal of dead hair), which is held during razlinki. The cat put on his knees, his head - "away", and remove the excess of guard hair, making a smooth massage stinging motion from the tail to the head. This contributes to a beautiful two-layer coat, and removes the cat's fur in the apartment.
With a stable psyche silver chinchilla safely tolerate the procedure for bathing. They slowly walk up to their necks in water, skillfully pressed ears when the head rinsed from the dipper. Suffice it to silver kittens chinchilla saw how royally flush mom or dad, and the first water treatment is not panic.

Chinchilla silver kittens


British silver chinchilla. Physical activity and nutrition

Silver Chinchilla - a very beautiful cat. Her white coat, which ends slightly blackened at the edges, makes this a fantastic view of the cat. At the back, head, legs, sides and tail hair should be slightly prominent black veil. British silver shaded by nature have a natural makeup: their lips, eyes and nose is bordered by black line. The black paw pads and large, emerald-green eyes contrast nicely with white fur.
With affectionate, affectionate nature and smart appearance kittens silver chinchilla becoming more fans.
British silver color has a rich genetic base. This allows them to be healthy, hardy, have a healthy mind and keep hunting instincts. In life, they are unpretentious, but for them it is important to proper nutrition, vaccinations, preventive examinations veterinarian and leisure.
Kittens color silver chinchilla very mobile, to maintain physical and psychological forms they need regular physical exercises, games. One of the simplest and most well-known games - rope with wrappers. Kittens silvery chinchillas adore different mahalki with feathers, fishing rods. You can buy "simulator" for workouts and training - the board or a strong branch established on different levels. Kittens color silver shaded derive great pleasure and an excellent physical exercise, lazaya on such facilities. A vertical stand is perfect for the claws scratching.

Chinchilla silver kittens


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